4 Days in Paris, Now Available!

Can you fall in love in four days?

Paris. New Year’s Eve, 1999.

Six months ago, Callie arrived in Paris to be with the love of her life, who promptly dumped her. Determined to succeed despite this drastic change of plans, Callie creates a life for herself in Paris, supported by her two closest friends, Lila and Emilie.

Now it’s the turn of the century and she’s returning to the U.S. in four days, ready to start the new century and the next chapter of her life… until she meets Emilie’s brother Julien on New Year’s Eve.

Sparks fly, and what Callie thought was just a fun fling with her best friend’s brother quickly turns into something more. But does Julien feel the same way? And what will this do to her friendship with Emilie?

Her time in Paris could offer a second chance for true love, or just another shattered heart.

If you love light-hearted stories of friendship, love, self-discovery and adventures in Paris, grab your copy today!

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